Carrie S.

“My word at the kick-off meeting, which I was SOOOOO nervous to attend, was “trapped”. I likened it to a caterpillar being trapped in a chrysalis-but with knowledge that beauty was just on the other side of struggle. And struggle I did- with my mindset. Each week the running intervals got longer, I struggled in believing my ability, my strength. I became stronger and overcame the obstacles I had set in my mind…I am no longer “trapped”, I am that butterfly I so desperately wanted to be- spreading her wings and soaring!”

Carrie went on to CRUSH her goal at that first 5k, and then hit a HUGE goal of walk/running 100 MILES in one month! Carrie also came back as an amazing Personal Motivator for the 2018 Fort Collins/Loveland Running Start Program!

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