Rayven I.

My experience with Running Start was amazing. I entered the experience during a time of uncertainty. I had health challenges, family demands, and it was the beginning of the Pandemic.

When I got the news I was accepted to participate in this years program, I was very excited because I always wanted to give running a try, but I didn’t know when and how to begin. Running Start helped with many resources and an amazing support system to guide me along the way. Their training program kept me on track, and my personal motivator inspired and supported me every step of the way.

Even during a crazy time, Running Start allowed me to have a wonderful beginner experience. The experience left me confident, determined, and motivated. I’m confident that I can take control of my health. I’m determined to make fitness a daily part of my life, and I’m motivated to keep moving despite the stress and challenges life throws my way.

After completing my 5K with Running Start, I met with my doctor for a routine check up. She was very impressed with my ability to train for and complete the race, and I received a wonderful health report. I am grateful for the Running Start program for allowing me the chance to not only learn about running, but also learn more about myself and my abilities.

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