Apply to be a Beginner

A Running Start Beginner is a woman who has some barrier in her life, is truly beginning anew and is new to running, OR maybe it’s been a long time since a run has happened because something, somewhere along the way, got in the way and it’s time to start all over again. In the Running Start program, we provide the tools to help the Beginner develop a lifelong relationship with running or walking. Running Start pairs each Beginner with her own Personal Motivator, a seasoned runner, to help guide her through the training. The Running Start Beginner has access to training plans for all levels of walking, jogging, and running, a team outfit consisting of a running bottom from Skirt Sports, a logo’d top, and a sports bra, an entry to the graduation 5k race, a “welcome to running” gift, nutritional advice, training tips, and most importantly an incredible network of women that share the same passion and goals in life!

Participants will train for and complete a beginner level running race (5k), and in the process they will build up the confidence, strength and motivation to create a lifestyle that includes running and fitness.

Applications are closed for our 2020 Program. Applicants will be notified on acceptance March 21, 2020!