Starting a new activity can be overwhelming and intimidating. Our goal is to provide all Beginners with as much information they need to begin their running journey safely.

We provide safe, effective training plans from former professional triathlete and coach Nicole DeBoom. Beginners can choose among three different plans from walking the 5k to a walk/run strategy to running the entire 5k.

Skirt Sports provides clothing that fits real women’s bodies, from sizes XS to XXL, so that no one needs to be held back by not having performance clothing.

We provide a welcome-to-running kit that includes some basics for the Beginners to get started.

We also provide various educational clinics including nutrition, cross training, skincare and more.

All it takes to change your life is the first step.


“I wanted to believe, I wanted to be this person, but I really didn’t believe. It took someone else believing in me first.”   — 2015 Beginner Kara B (right) with her Personal Motivator and new-great-friend Monica K (left)