The key to Running Start’s success is that we pair every Beginner with a Personal Motivator. Personal Motivators are not coaches or counselors. They are real women who have found strength, courage and confidence through running and they want to give this gift back to another woman who needs to change her life.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to stick with a program if they are accountable to someone else. Just knowing that someone is going to call or email to ask how your workout went, increases our chances of actually doing said workout!

Personal Motivators provide a lifeline for brand new runners who often want to give up after the first few workouts. They are the first responder who helps her understand this crazy new world of running and holds her hand as she meets her new community.


Meet Monica K (right), 2015 Personal Motivator to Beginner Kara B. She shares how important it is for Motivators to be “REAL” people who have dealt with their own issues to help make the road less intimidating for Beginners.

“I’ve had many barriers to overcome, so not only could I provide Kara valuable tools and resources, I could also provide inspiration.”