Apply to be a Personal Motivator

Personal Motivators are an integral part of Running Start as they provide each Beginner with an extra level of support during her training which is mostly self-directed. Personal Motivators do not need to be fast, expert runners/walkers or coaches. They simply need to have experienced the life-changing effects that running/walking and fitness have had on their own lives. They need to be willing to share their experiences as they support Beginners who are often nervous and afraid to take their first steps. Research has shown that a simple phone call or a meet up with a live person can make the difference in keeping someone on track with an exercise program. Personal Motivators round out the experience curve of the Running Start community.

Running Start Personal Motivators will receive, in addition to a powerful network of women, a team top, kickoff gift, and 5k entry to run with her Beginner, along with expert support and advice from Running Start partners.

Thank you for your interest. Applications are now closed. Applicants will be notified of acceptance Monday, June 14th.